Monday, October 5, 2015

Moving Apartment not Area

Hey Fam,

It has been great to hear how life is back in good ol Utah!

As for me, I have been doing well here in Missouri (well, minus the
moving, which has been cutting into our schedule, and still isn't done
yet, by the way. Elder Sagers keeps saying we need to be doing other
things as missionaries, but I keep saying we need to get moved, or
were going to be an inconvenience to the Members.) The area we are
moving into is rather nice, the apartment is a two bedroom, two
bathroom (yup, 2 bathroom. The man who came from the mission office to
help us get through part of the moving process told us that we each
had to choose a bathroom and put our names on the door, so that anyone
inspecting our apartments would know who has a clean bathroom, and who
doesn't) and has a dishwasher (which is a welcome addition). The only
problem is that now we have to either haul ur laundry to another
companionship's house to do laundry, or use the pay to use washing
machines in the basement of the complex we are in.

Conference this month was awesome! All of the talks were very good,
and it was a different experience watching conference on my mission. I
ended up taking a lot of notes, and it was a great learning experience
that I was able to learn much from for both myself and my
investigators. Some of the talks I was able to learn the most from was
Elder Holland's on mothers, Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Daniel and his
faith, and Elder Renlund's talk. President Monson's talk was also
good, and certainly helped me, but those three talks stuck out to me
in particular.

Tell Nate to keep praying for people I can talk to, because just
this week we got two new investigators, and a number of strong
potentials we have met!

Love you guys!
Elder Beelek

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