Sunday, August 16, 2015

MTC Week 2

Dear Family,

Things are Awesome, and thanks for all you guys have been doing! The packages have been arriving and the Lemonheads have been great! I feel ready to go out and preach the Gospel to the world and to help those who don't know about it to come closer unto Christ! Though one thing that is kind of upsetting is that I wont be able to even walk into the grass because one of the sisters going to our mission told us about a bug called a chigger which bites you just for walking into the grass. Not fun. 

Thanks for the blog! I was able to pull it up on the MTC computers and it looks pretty awesome! I cant wait to give you guys some material to put on it, but right now I'm afraid I can't give you any MTC pictures, because of some error with the computers here where they wont read Nikon cameras when they are plugged in (checked with some of the other Elders with Nikons and they are having the same problem). 

I will be able to call from the airport on my way to Missouri but the only time window I can give you is sometime between 4-7am.  Sorry to be so vague but we find out our final travel plans later.  I am travel Elder so I am responsible for making sure everyone gets there and no one gets lost.

The MTC has been great but I am ready to get going!

Elder Beelek

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